Understanding your brand is at the heart of everything we do, from initial registrations to building an enforcement strategy. We have had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest marketers in the world. Joe Dreitler also had the opportunity to work at both Procter & Gamble and Anheuser-Busch, two of the world's great advertising and marketing firms. We got to see advertising and marketing created from the ground up. Often the process is like making sausage, but it was great experience in learning to understand a brand.

Why is that important? Most of the value of a business today is the patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, domain names, trade secrets and other proprietary information you own or will develop. One of the earliest deals that I worked on showed me the value of trademarks and copyrights. My client was spending several hundred million dollars to purchase several trademarks plus a factory that had a book value of about $1 million. The value was in the brand- Metamucil®. Think of the value of the Google and Facebook brands and how little hard physical assets they own. There is a great story about the CEO of Coca Cola saying that if every plant and facility of the company were destroyed and they had no insurance, the very next day they could have banks loan them the money to rebuild everything on the value of one thing - the Coca-Cola trademark.

We agree. And we have practical, in house experience running large corporate trademark and copyright operations that understood their brands and built them and protected them. We have worked closely with brand managers creating and protecting global brands. We do not just do trademark searches and file applications. We understand when to do a full search and when a preliminary search makes sense. We know when it is worth filing a trademark application and when there is little value added to doing so, and we advise our clients of the practical benefits and disadvantages in each case before we take action. We have many years of maintaining large, global trademark portfolios in a cost-effective, business manner and working closely with non-U.S. counsel.

Since intellectual property is territorial, it means that owning a trademark in the US does not give you any protection outside the US. Building a global business means protecting your intellectual property in all your key markets. We have worked with trusted lawyers in most countries around the world during our time at Procter & Gamble, Anheuser-Busch and representing clients at large law firms. We understand how to create a build global intellectual property as part of your business strategy.

We have a network of experienced lawyers in all countries of the world. We can help you establish, monitor, clear and register trademarks around the world. We have experience doing this for some of the most sophisticated companies around the world. Because we have experience as in house intellectual property counsel, we do not waste time or money, we want give practical answers to real world problems. We offer practical, cost effective solutions needed to create global protection.

The acquisition of intellectual property contains many pitfalls for the untrained eye. We understand the importance of intellectual property as a business asset, and work creatively with clients to maximize and preserve the value of these assets. Many law firms use general business lawyers, who have no intellectual property background, to do deals. Others use young associates with little or no experience. We do not. We have focused our practice on all aspects of intellectual property to perform intellectual property due diligence, draft representations and warranties and negotiate other intellectual property agreements. We have set up many intellectual property holding companies, drafted practical licenses and maintained portfolios using these corporate strategies. Our extensive practical knowledge and experience can assist clients in anticipating and avoiding potential problems, including costly litigation.

We can review advertising and promotions and provide clients practical advice on legal risks including: unfair competition, false advertising, violation of the rights of publicity, rights to use 3rd party intellectual property, drafting licenses and permissions agreements.

In this rapidly changing area of the law, we have developed systems to assist clients in monitoring abuse of their trademarks, copyrights and domain names on the internet in a commercially reasonable and economically sensible manner. We guide clients through the thicket of legal issues in the age of social media on the internet. We understand that, in a field of unsettled law, a client needs decisive answers to assist their e- commerce business decisions. We work closely with clients to help them adapt their company's practices as changes occur in the law.

We combine our subject-matter knowledge and our litigation expertise with our understanding, through experience, of what clients and their in house counsel really want, so that we can provide our clients with precisely what they need in avoiding and analyzing potential litigation issues. We provide a real world assessment of the strength of their legal position, and the ability to vigorously and successfully advocate that position in the best possible forum to resolve the dispute. We work to understand the business rationale underlying every dispute so that we can pursue the most appropriate and cost efficient means to secure the best result for the client.